Sunday, February 20, 2011

at last order: a place for everything and everything in its place. a miracle of by room, i have cleaned and polished, dusted and closeted, sorted and discarded. so everything is back to normal now and we can start the new.  chile and argentina are becoming a memory and back in the US, small beginnings hint of great things.  settling back takes time and mental clarity.  and with a trip changes always occur, a newfound purpose stirs the conscience, a new passion (in my case a love affair with my camera), new challenges. especially with my relationships-to my people and with my things. 

in times when life comes at you fast, it is easy to become overwhelmed with too much sensory information so i discipline myself after short meditations to sift carefully, let things silt. 

people keep asking me to create, they beg me to create. i haven't really sewn or painted much since september of last year, but what happens is that i look at the stacks and stacks of  art materials and i just refuse to disturb the order.  art is messy and right now i need order.  so i opt for roadtrips in the rain (yesterday we drove into santa paula and the ojai valley), long conversations with my daughter, a night of dancing with richard, reading my magazines and discovering new blogs.  for now this suits me just fine.  i lived a year in a whirlwind of sensation and now is a time for peace and softer sensations.

i call it processing. 

it's so good to be home and to find everything so balanced


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