Saturday, February 26, 2011

How to Get Energized at 80 and Beyond

[This article on Getting Energized After Age 80 started yesterday.]

Senior Swim Class
The two areas of focus for health are diet and exercise. You should eat fresh foods, home cooked whenever possible, and unless your doctor advises otherwise, drink plenty of water. Water hydrates your body, sending oxygen into your bloodstream and muscles. Fresh vegetables should be a fixture on your daily menu, along with any other foods that your doctor has recommended.

If you want to get really specific, you can also consult a nutritionist. After you share the advice your doctor provided with a nutritionist, you’ll get detailed instructions on menu planning, recipes, and healthy snacks. All of these things will contribute to a robust and beneficial diet, which will help your body function at optimum level, and help you gain energy.

Exercise may sound like hard work but it doesn’t have to be. Again, your doctor can determine any types of exercise that you should avoid. In fact, your doctor might send you to a physical therapist, a health care professional that specializes in maintaining good physical health through special workouts, stretching, and massage therapy. All of these will help keep your body in shape.

You can also look into exercise programs in your neighborhood. Many gyms and workout studios offer classes designed especially for seniors. Often these involve light but effective routines that build muscle, increase flexibility, and make you feel better all over.

put food in perspective, choose healthy food, eat healthy for life,

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