Thursday, February 10, 2011

More Evidence of the Skin Rejuvenating Effects of LED Therapy

[This report on Evidence of the Skin Rejuvenating Effects of LED Therapy started Tuesday.]

Yesterday I reported the in vitro results of the Barolet study which indicate that LED phototherapy not only boosts collagen production but also decreases production of MMP enzymes which destroy collagen.

In Vivo
Forty healthy patients with photoaged skin and mean age of 44.9 (33–62) years were recruited from the Dr. Daniel Barolet Clinic in Montreal, Canada.

Patients were administered 12 treatments of 660 nm LED light over four weeks in a split-face regimen. The patients were unaware of which side was being treated with the LED light and which side was treated with a sham device.

Microtopographic profilometry (PRIMOS) was used to analyze the results. PRIMOS is a technique of computerizing topographical maps of the skin so that the hills and valleys can be mathematically measured and compared. View the full study report to see the before and after maps, charts and photos.

Overall, a significant reduction in wrinkle depth and surface roughness after LED treatment was observed in 97% of participants, with the highest benefit of 56% improvement observed on a woman aged 57 years. Improvement was not age-dependent. That is, per cent improvement did not increase or decrease with age.

Half the participants also experienced improvement (though significantly less) on the untreated side. This is attributed to the skin care instructions they were to follow during the trial (sunscreen, topical moisturizer with no active ingredients, no other treatments).

“Overall, after LED treatments, the dermal layer exhibited a dense well-organized collagenous connective tissue material, overlaid with a well-stratified epidermis, presenting an intact stratum basale.”

Dr. Barolet has a private dermatology practice, as well as his own research lab. RoseLab Skin Optics Research Laboratory is affiliated with the McGill University School of Medicine in Montreal where Dr. Barolet is also an adjunct professor of dermatology.

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Tomorrow I’ll talk about how you can use these research results to Get Maximum Benfit from Your Home Use Phototherapy Wand.



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