Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Putting Together an Anti-Aging Program for Sensitive Skin

Dry Sensitive SkinI am so excited to have found your site and this wealth of information!

I'm in my mid-forties and have been fortunate enough to inherit my mother's great skin. Hence, I feel I was a bit careless. People always told me I looked young, so I didn't really worry about my skin.

But now I notice sagging and wrinkles and crêpey skin under my eyes. Wish I had been taking care of things better!

I've never had sensitive skin, but now that I'm trying “anti-aging” products - every once in a while I find I get a terrible reaction where my skin gets red and peeling (I even had to leave work once, it got so bad!).

Sometimes this has happened when using one new line, but sometimes I think it is the interaction between products.

I've looked at your Top Ten List of Anti-Aging Skincare Products , but now I'm afraid to mix and match product lines. I know you are not a fan of the Elizabeth Grant line, but so far my skin looks good and I've never had a reaction to it. Even with their Vitamin C - I find it gentler.

I used Cellex-C and eventually had a bad reaction.

I see these new products and am wondering “can I get a better anti-aging boost?” But now I'm afraid to try!!!

Please help! Can you give me a mix and match tutorial!?!?!!


Please come back tomorrow for Jean’s advice on Putting Together an Anti-Aging Program for Sensitive Skin.]



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