Saturday, February 5, 2011

Review of About Face: A Plastic Surgeon's 4-Step Nonsurgical Program for Younger, Beautiful Skin

About FaceDr. Gregory Bays Brown’s book, About Face: A Plastic Surgeon's 4-Step Nonsurgical Program for Younger, Beautiful Skin, was recommended to me by friend and reader Maria. I respect her opinion explicitly since she has written frequently with questions as well as to share her experiences and knowledge of various leading edge anti-aging products. Now that I’ve read it myself, I can heartily endorse Maria’s recommendation.

Dr. Brown is a renowned plastic surgeon who has spent his career studying skin. His landmark research on Epidermal Growth Factor led to the creation of the RéVive anti-aging skin care line. While Dr. Brown does talk a bit of Révive in this book, the scope of the book is much broader.

This is your comprehensive guide to healthier, younger-looking skin – without invasive procedures. It covers everything from diet, vitamins, exercise and yoga and to every kind of non-invasive skin treatment available. It also covers everything from basic drugstore cleansers and moisturizers, to over-the-counter and prescription topical creams, to intensive dermabrasion and chemical peels.

Dr. Brown’s list of skin youth-promoting foods include proteins like chicken and fish, healthy carbohydrates (whole grains, green veggies, citrus fruits, etc.), and good-for-you fats like olive oil and omega fish oils – not unlike the Mediterranean and Sonoma Diets which I highly recommend.

This program can be easily customized to fit your age and takes into account the changing seasons. Dr. Brown also clearly delineates the facts and fallacies of skin care, shares helpful tips on what to do to see immediate improvements, and gives you an exclusive preview of products you can look forward to using in the coming years as technology advances even further.



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