Wednesday, February 2, 2011

so we bundled up  in a handknit collar &

loaded the fireplace with logs

and brightened the room with color

making my brother's little container vacation home a bit cozier
(quite a challenge living in a containr without insulation & and the bare minimums although we do have
hot water, a bathroom, a small stove,a refrigerator, a RADIO yeah!, a queen size bed and two hot water bottles, a bicycle, a small scooter, lots of wood, an exceptional location, and ONDA, lots of ONDA which is spanish means good spirit or as young people chile say, FLOW!

using elements from the zone (this is a handmade mortar and pestle)

such as this homespun basket with wild yarrow

or this local lavender and vintage blue apothecary bottle

and a wooden buddha  on a shell and hydrangea petals
 from the garden


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