Saturday, February 19, 2011

You’re Unique; Your Skincare Routine Should Be Too

[Laurie’s Letter appeared yesterday.]

StriVectin SD Intensive
Hi again Laurie,

Alpha Hydrox which contains a high concentration of Alph Hydroxy Acid in the form of Glycolic Acid is the drugstore bargain exfoliating product I recommend.

StriVectin SD is the most peptide-packed of the three night creams you mention. I include it in the Budget Conscious P.M. Routine because it comes in a 5-oz. tube which should last five months. I do wish they would provide a smaller size for those who don’t want (or can’t afford) to plunk down over $100 at one time for a skincare product.

[By the way, I just saw that all StriVectin products are 20% off at SkinStore this week. That brings the cost of StriVectin SD Intensive down from $135 to $108 for a 5 oz. tube or $22 a month (includes free shipping).]

You’re correct that you:

• Should choose just one night cream; and
• A nighttime eye cream is optional (probably unnecessary) for your not-quite 30 skin.

You’re very welcome :-D

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