Thursday, March 3, 2011

How Do I Apply the Research Results on LEDs to My Home Treatments?

[Jean’s Answer to Karen started yesterday.]

Quasar MDThe real wavelength winner in all the studies for lifting and firming was around 660 nm.

The Baby Quaser (Red) uses:

• 632 nm orange visible light to smooth fine lines;
• 650 nm red visible light to reduce wrinkles; and
• 880-950 nm infrared light (which is beyond the visible spectrum) to erase age spots, reduce redness and even out skin tone. The wand shows a green indicator light for user convenience.

[Links for wavelengths of several other LED wands are found in the Get Maximum Results ... article which Karen referenced.]

I believe the wavelengths used are the same between the BQ and the MD, since the descriptions for treatment are similar in the two manuals. The big difference between the two Quasar red models is in the joules (strength of power output - 7.6 for the MD vs. 2.6 for the Baby) and the treatment head size (the MD is 3Xs larger).

The wavelengths used are more or less in the peak ranges that the body can best utilize. The theory is that the way mammals evolved to utilize energy from the sun, while still protecting themselves from damaging rays and overexposure, accounts for the four peaks.

I expect that the biggest advances in LED therapy will come in the form of better (more flexible) treatment heads and higher power outputs that can be safely used (either at the spa or at home).




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