Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How Do I Apply the Research Results on LEDs to My Home Treatments?

Tanda RegenerateDear Jean,

I followed with interest your series on Anti-Aging Research: More Evidence of the Skin Rejuvenating Effects of LED Therapy and the follow-up on Get Maximum Results with Your Home Use Phototherapy Wand .

But I’m no scientist and, while I’m impressed with the recent results, I have no idea how to apply them to my use of the Quasar MD I recently bought.

I want to build up more collagen in my cheeks and chin (jowl) area. Would that be the Red setting?

What about the Green? I've changed my pattern from using mainly the Green and now have switched to the Red (as I sit here using it right now).

What I'm still not sure about is firming. Which firms? Like the jaw line. We don't want it plumped. We want the opposite - firm and shrunken.

Thank you for your help,


Hi Karen,

Like you, I'm using less of "green". I see those higher infrared wavelengths (880-950 nm) as best for surface irritation and uneven skin tone. My skin tone is very good for my age.

Because most of the sagging we experience is due to loss of volume, I concentrate on the rest of the chin and cheeks - under the cheek bones especially. My thinking is that if I can re-plump those areas, the jowls will be lifted.

Similar logic applies to the forehead. Re-plumping the forehead should lift the whole eye area.

To be continued tomorrow



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