Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Review of Cover Girl Outlast Smoothwear

Cover Girl Outlast SmoothwearThere’s a lot to like about Cover Girl Outlast Smoothwear, but it won’t be knocking Revlon Colorstay Overtime Lipstick from the #1 spot in the Ageless Beauty Top Ten Cosmetics list.

Cover Girl Outlast Smoothwear is a 2009 Brides Magazine Beauty Award winner. I like the new formula better than the previous version. The colors tend to be a bit more sheer and suitable for us Ageless Beauties. It does deliver the all-day smooth feel lipcolor which it promises.

Unlike Revlon Overtime, this two-part product comes in two separate wands. This seems less convenient, but in one way it’s a good thing. Part 2 is a wonderful moisture-sealing top coat.

1. Apply the color.
2. Let dry.
3. Cover with the silky top coat.
4. Drop the top coat wand into your purse to apply throughout the day.

You won’t need to add more color all day, but whenever your lips look or feel dry, pull out the top coat for a booster shot of moisture and shine. The top coat is an excellent lip balm on its own, so if you have dry weather winter lips, apply it after removing your makeup for the night.

I tried Coffee Satin which looks extremely dark in the tube but is a yummy caramel color on my lips. I also tried Soft Pink Satin which is a mauve-y pink in the tube but a yucky neon pink when applied. Go figure.

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