Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bright colours

Wearing Miners's yellow and green on the eyes and OPI's "Brights Powder" (orange) and "Black Shatter".

Close-up from my nails.

Now that spring is slowly approaching, I want to bring more bright colours into my life. By buying flowers, for example, but also by using it in my make-up. Since this summer will be dominated by bright colours I bought orange nail polish. The "Bright powder" by OPI is excellent, one coat already looks fine!
I was not so convinced by OPI's "Black Shatter". It looked great on the Katy Perry promo pictures and on the nails of other bloggers, but al you can see on my pictures, it doesn't look too good.
The problem is that in order to create the shattering effect, the polish needs to dry very fast. That means that the "Black Shatter" should be applied in one straight line, with almosty no possibility of correcting. So maybe I need a little bit more practice, but on the other hand I am not really convinced anymore about the "cool" effect...
What do you think?


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