Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Makeup & Hair - What’s “In” for 2011

Harper's BazaarHarper’s Bazaar just published a list of hair and makeup trends for 2011. Some of the trends I like; some I can live with; and some I think are just not appropriate for women “of a certain age”.

Here's how I rate each one.


• Vibrant hair colors – As in no more ombre (roots showing), yay! That was such a sloppy and careless look.

• Shorter hair – This is a two-fer for Age Warriors.
1. You can achieve a fuller look with short hair, especially if your hair has thinned.
2. Longer hair visually drags facial features down, adding years to your look.

• Metallic rather than bright (neon) makeup colors – Neon bright colors on the face are a definite no-no for Age Warriors. Plus I’ve loved metallics like Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow in Precious Metals for years.

Can Live With

• Moon manis (half oval moons painted at the base of your nails) – These seem like a nice way to stay in vogue without sacrificing your dignity.

• Extra-volume hair – Although it depends on how you define “extra volume”. Let’s not overdo.

• Half up-do – Perfect for the indecisive woman with medium to long hair who’s thinking, “Should I wear it up or down?”

Please come back tomorrow for the rest of my thoughts on which Harper’s Bazaar Makeup & Hair Trends are appropriate for us “women of a certain age”.

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