Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Shopping service

I believe we all (in a certain way) crave for luxury. Some of us crave for the luxury of more time, other for special clothes. Since I’m a fashion blogger, I guess it’s not so hard to define which my craving is.
My latest luxury splurge was my Céline box bag. While still being incredibly thrilled to own it, I want to talk about another luxury aspect: the shopping experience.
I still remember going to Kiehls in Antwerp and how happy I was by all the free samples I got. After I joined their mailing list, I received a handwritten (!!!) letter from them thanking for being their customer. I was stunned, but also very charmed.
The service at Houben, where I bought my Céline was also great. The staff only touched the bags with gloves on. This weekend I received a card from them, regarding the new collections. Again my address was handwritten.
I know that these are little tricks to make you visit them again and spend/splurge again, but on the other hand it makes you feel very special.
Nowadays even the chains like H&M have discovered this technique and are doing a lot to give the shoppers a better service. They are very smart to do so, because when shoppers feel valued and cherished, they simply buy more. Would you go back to a place, where the staff treats you terribly? Of course you wouldn’t.
Even if the chains can never compete with boutiques, they are trying to optimize their service in order to lure more customers. Who can blame them for doing so?


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