Monday, February 21, 2011

Sofia Vergara: Bikini Cover and Today's Quote

Sofia Vergara: Bikini Cover and Todays Quote | celebrity quotes
A few days ago, we admired Sofia Vergara in a blue dress on the cover of Shape Magazine and some of you expressed their surprised towards the fact that Sofia didn't provide a bikini cover. Well, here it is!
Sofia also brings by a little quote:
    "I was ridiculously skinny. They called me 'palillo', which means toothpick in Spanish.
    I was still skinny, but suddenly I had these big boobs. It was terrible! I used to tell my mother, 'I'm going to cut these off as soon as I turn 18′.
    "I love cake! Vanilla cake, angel food cake, chocolate cake. For me and my son [Manolo, 19], buying cake at the grocery store is like buying milk. We always have it in the house."


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